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Conversion Funnel for a Real Estate Platform

The beginning of the conversion funnel for

The goal of this conversion funnel was to optimize an existing flow that wasn’t performing by testing something significantly different in a search campaign.

Recipe App for iOS/Android

Recipe website sought to launch a localized customer experience in 2018, giving their users a direct and customizable source for their content. 2015

The 2015 redesign was my third major overhaul of the site, this time propelled by the introduction of our new media storage product RealTimes.

List Sharing

Sharing feature for Wish Lists on

A significant share of my work at Amazon was focused on Wish Lists and Registries. One of the most difficult design problems with Amazon’s shopping features is managing the states across contexts. Wish Lists exemplify that issue and the ability to share a Wish List exposes the problem to users. In the sharing UI, I believe locality was of the utmost importance, along with a “hub” where the user could visualize the control they have over the product.

Petition Flow

Petition experience for GreaterGood cause sites on both mobile and desktop.

In redesigning their petitions, GreaterGood hoped to simplify the cumbersome form and better manage the hard to scan, but necessary, petition content. Using contextually aware UI and progressive disclosure, I simplified the experience to a clean, one-page, process.

Framework for Network of Cause Websites

ClickToGive Website Framework on Desktop

In 2016, GreaterGood came to me to redesign and optimize their most prominent customer-facing experiences. In distilling their business and user goals into strict priorities, I was able to use Boostrap 3 to build out a better-optimized customer experience that scaled across their twelve brands.

Website Headers for 8 Local News Stations

Responsive header specs for OTV news stations

The CX team identified opportunities to optimize the header on the ABC “owned” news stations’ platform. With engagement data, surveys, and user testing, we reduced the size of the header while still improving key user and business metrics.

Mobile Weather Experience for News Apps on iOS/Android

Weather section interactions in the ABC local news station apps.

One of my earliest end-to-end projects at Disney/ABC was updating the weather experience in our local station’s news apps. The existing experience lacked flexibility and had never been tested by real users. We fixed both of those issues, implementing a detailed, but consumable, weather experience that worked on all devices and presented data ordered by our users interests.

In my time interning for the Retail Experience Team I contributed to the Wish List properties, the in-store property ,the browser plug-in, and registries. Very useful, and little known, tools.

Start Ups & Non-profits

Since I first started designing and building for the web in 2009, I’ve worked with a number of start-up companies and non-profits. This usually starts with a design concept and ends with a WordPress CMS, or blog. I was with for over a year, working on a wider variety of projects.