Imagination for the Web

I design experiences for the web. With tools ranging from a pencil to web-code, I’ve designed and built interfaces used by millions of people. I’m a formally trained UX/UI designer and experienced devsigner. Above all, I have a passion for creating digital interactions. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Patrick Marich, drawing

The Sandbox

Wedding Monsters

Thumbnail: Wedding Monsters

Just returned from my honeymoon and wanted a share a couple of rare illustrations. Katie, my wife, art directed most of our wedding materials: designing most of the invitation, program, and other fun things. She got a little help. Especially with these guys. These illustrations were featured on cards for our bridal party. They were… Read more »

Bloggy Stuff

An Education in User Centered Design

UX Study Review Image

I received my certification in User Centered Design (UCD) from the University of Washington last summer. Before spending two years in the Human Centered Design & Engineering Department, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to get: I wanted to justify my decisions as a designer. A couple of years later, I realize… Read more »